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---Zhejiang Xingyu Facade  Hardware manufacturing company

Yongkang Xingyu Hardware Manufacturing Factory (Xingyu Facade) is a modern enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and service into a professional production facade. The factory is located in the world-famous hardware capital, Zhejiang Yongkang, with elegant environment and traffic. convenient. Since the establishment of the company, in the spirit of "persistence, truth-seeking, and innovation", we have boldly pioneered and made a series of impressive achievements.

The company has developed various indoor facades, specializing in the production of facades and facades for security doors, interior doors, steel doors, non-standard doors and other enterprises. The products have unique characteristics, fine workmanship and firmness, and are well received by consumers. Love and respect. The company has advanced production equipment, exquisite processing technology, innovative technical backbone, and skilled production workers. We pursue excellence, continuous improvement, and enhance our brand image. The company further regulates management. In order to follow the principle of honesty, pragmatism and excellent quality, we will provide quality products and services to the vast number of consumers.

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  • Address:No.85,Houlong Road,Chengxi Industrial Zone
  • Phone:13506794222
  • Fax:0579-83835291
  • ykxinyu2008@163.com
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